Daniel Kehlmann’s ‘Fame’ Hits Bookshelves

25 Nov 2013 15:41

‘Fame’, a 2009 novel by the Austrian-German writer Daniel Kehlmann will be published in Iran presently holding Amir Hussein Akbari Shalchi’s translation.
IBNA: The book is supposed to be published in Iran by Rozegar Publications. 

The narrative consists of nine loosely connected stories about technology, celebrity and alienation. The book has the subtitle "A novel in nine episodes" ("Ein Roman in neun Geschichten"). 

Gregory Leon Miller of the San Francisco Chronicle called the book "a darkly comic masterpiece, a rare and thrilling example of a philosophical novel as pleasurable as it is thought-provoking. 

The book was longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. 

Akbari Shalchi has rendered works including Kerstin Beck's ‘Verschleierte Flucht’, Siba Shakib's ‘Samira and Samir’ and Deborah Ellis's ‘Im Herzen die Angst’ into Persian. 

He has also translated Kehlmann’s ‘Unter der Sonne’ (‘Under the Sun’) and ‘Mahlers Zeit’(Mahler's Time). 

Daniel Kehlmann (born 13 January 1975) is a German language author of both Austrian and German nationality. His work Die Vermessung der Welt (translated into English by Carol Brown Janeway as Measuring the World, 2006) is the best selling novel in the German language since Patrick Süskind's ‘Perfume’ was released in 1985.


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